Ispaghol Husk 95g ctn(1x72)

Ispaghol Husk 95g ctn(1x72)

Ispaghol Husk 95g ctn(1x72)

  • Product ID : 10032
  • Category : Food
  • Manufacturer : Qarshi
  • Product Packing : 95g ctn(1x72)
  • Pieces In Box : 72
  • Part Number : 855434002553
  • Product Origin : Pakistan
  • Shelf Life : 2 years
  • Min Temperature : 10 C
  • Max Temperature : 30 C
  • Availability : In Stock
  • Sale Price : 1.100 KD

Relieves constipation, reduces blood cholesterol, effective for acidity and dysentery.

As for the efficacy of the husk of fleawort seeds packed by Qarshi, it makes the intestines and stomach soft and smooth. It is diuretic and helps urine flow freely. It is a mild laxative that entangles the filthy and harmful substances to drive them out of the stomach and intestines. It is a natural means for curing chronic constipation and is free of any after effects. The Ispaghol husk absorbs a considerable quantity of water in abdomen and intestines, and turns it into a jelly-like substance, which helps to protect the walls of intestines from irritation. It alleviates acidity and cures constipation in a mechanical way.

Side Effects: No side effects reported.

Indications: Acidity, Constipation, Dysentry, High Cholesterol Level.

Composition: Ispaghol Husk

Packing: Powder:25g, 50g and 100g packing.

Dosage: Adults: In case of chronic constipation take 7 grams (2 teaspoonfuls) of Ispaghol husk with water or milk. In case of acute thirst, intestinal irritation, colic and dysentery, take 7 grams (2 teaspoonfuls) of Ispaghol husk mixed in a cup of yogurt twice a dayChildren below tweleve should be given half of the adult dose.

Note: Store in a cool and dry place.

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