Syrup - Jam-e-Shirin - Rose 800ml ctn(1x12)

Syrup - Jam-e-Shirin - Rose 800ml ctn(1x12)

Syrup - Jam-e-Shirin - Rose 800ml ctn(1x12)

  • Product ID : 10001
  • Category : Food
  • Manufacturer : Qarshi
  • Product Packing : 800ml ctn(1x12)
  • Pieces In Box : 12
  • Part Number : 855434000016
  • Product Origin : Pakistan
  • Shelf Life : 2 years
  • Min Temperature : 10 C
  • Max Temperature : 30 C
  • Availability : Out of Stock
  • Sale Price : 0.700 KD

A Tasty, refreshing and efficacious drink. Jam-e-Shirin is well known drink of the East and a brand leader from Qarshi Industries. Before the preparation of each bottle of Jam-e-Shirin, a scientific and stage-to-stage research is conducted on all the components of distilled concoctions, herbs, flowers and fruits that are used in the old system as well as modern system of medicine. At every stage the best components are selected for the preparation of this ideal refreshing drink. Offering Jam-e-Shirin to guests is a tradition.

Action: A tasty, refreshing and efficacious drink. Not a single drop of water is used during its preparations. It is prepared from pure distillates (Araqiyat). Jam-e-Shirin satisfies thirst and is wholeheartedly refreshing. After drinking Jam-e-Shirin, one does not feel heaviness of the stomach. Jam-e-Shirin retains its taste, efficacy and usefulness in all season.

Indications: Jam-e-Shirin Satisfies thirst and is refreshing.

Composition: Refined Sugar755-765 g, Aqua Distillate, Santalum album160 ml, Aqua Distillate Rosa, damascena106.66 ml, Aqua Distillate, Parmelia ,perlata53.33 ml ,Aqua Distillate Pandanus tectorius42.66 ml ,Aqua Distillate Andropogon ,muricatus10.66 ml Sodium Benzoate as Preservative 1.066 g ,Citric Acid1.066 g Food colour

Packing: 800 ml, 1500 ml, 3000 ml PET Bottles

Instructions for Use: Pour 25 ml Jam-e-Shirin concentrate into one glass (225 ml) of chilled water or milk and shake well. Jam-e-Shirin can be taken at any time of the day or night when desired, mixed with water, milk or diluted curds so as to suit your taste. One bottle (800 ml) of Jam-e-Shirin is enough to prepare 32 servings.

Note: Patients with diabetes should consult their physician before using Jam-e-Shirin.

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