Surgical Categories

Surgical instruments are specially designed tools for surgical procedures. Most of the surgical instruments are completely or partially made of stainless steel. There are different kinds of surgical instruments which are used for variety of purpose which may range from simple to complex. Pakistan is one of the leading suppliers of surgical instruments in the whole world. Sialkot is the industrial hub where about 95% of the surgical instruments are manufactured. Pakistan has a history of supplying surgical instruments to the British and their Allied forces during 2nd world war. Around 170 million surgical items are manufactured in Pakistan every year. Pakistan has been manufacturing surgical items for renowned brands. Pakistan Business Center Kuwait was established with the vision of bridging the gap between the world renowned surgical industry of Pakistan and their Kuwait buyers and suppliers. We aim to bring the best quality surgical instruments from Pakistan and introduce them to clients in Kuwait and Gulf region. Visit PBC Kuwait website for in-stock inventory or pre-order surgical instruments as per your requirement.


Bone Cutter T.C tip 24 cm

35.250 KD

Plier - Orthodontics mix

9.750 KD

Tweezer - Dressing 20.5 cm

2.750 KD

Scoop - Bone 34-s 14 cm

2.500 KD

Scoop - Bone 39-s 14 cm

2.500 KD

Forceps - Sponge 24 cm

4.500 KD

Tweezer - Dressing 18 cm

2.500 KD

Needile Holder T.C tip 23 cm

10.000 KD

Forceps - Artery 16 cm STR

3.000 KD

Forceps - Rampley 24 cm

4.500 KD

Towel Clamp

3.000 KD