Pakistan Business Center kuwait

Pakistan Business Center Kuwait

Pakistan Business Center has been launched as an independent business entity with the objective to dynamically introduce a wide range of Pakistani products in Kuwait with the spirit to develop bilateral relations between Pakistan and Kuwait. It was also one of the objectives to develop togetherness between Pakistani sellers and local buyers and assist as the mediator to cut their business deals. It was also the intention to enhance Pakistan’s image in Kuwait and earn foreign exchange for our beloved country. It was envisaged that establishment and launching of a business incubator in Kuwait to institute link between Kuwait and Pakistan markets for their products and services would increase consumption of Pakistani products in the local markets and Gulf region. Meet with Pakistanis in Kuwait.

We are proud of the fact that Pakistan is a very rich country in terms of its natural resources and the abundant talent in all cubicles of life. The wide range and variety of Pakistani export quality products e.g. cotton, woolen cloths, garments, leather products, silverware (cutlery), furniture, fresh fruits especially Pakistani Mangos, vegetables, dates, rice, spices, arts & crafts, carpets, woodwork, metalwork, copper products etc. can establish its position in Kuwait market. Pakistan Business Center (PBC) is established to handle business and commercial activities, to serve the Pakistani community of around 117,500 Pakistani residing in Kuwait. This entity has been established with an approved commercial license to play a pivotal role between Pakistani exporters and Kuwaiti importers. We have established PBC with an approved commercial license to play a pivotal role between Pakistani exporters and Kuwaiti importers and meet with the following objectives. 

You May ALso Watch Pakistanis in Kuwait:

  • Increase Pakistani exports and establish secured and the long-lasting market for Pakistani products in Kuwait and the Gulf region.
  • Create more job opportunities for Pakistanis and enhance Pakistan’s image.
  • Encourage Pakistani businessmen residing in Pakistan to come forward in establishing business deals with local buyers in Kuwait.
  • Provide logistic support to businessmen and their business requirements in terms of in guidance, consultancy about local laws, commercial regulations, etc. to all individuals who are in business or are willing to start their business.
  • Broaden foreign exchange remittances through legal and legitimate banking channels.

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