Pakistani Mangoes in Kuwait

Kuwait: With the aim of further popularizing Pakistani mangoes in Kuwait and facilitating their availability in the Kuwait market, Pakistan Business Center Kuwait, Pakistan Business Council Kuwait and Pakistan Fruit & Vegetable association jointly organized a “Pakistan Mango Festival” on Wednesday evening under the support and supervision of the Embassy of Pakistan. The festival was arranged at the luscious wide hallRead More

Top Surgical Products

Surgical instruments are tools specially designed for assistance in surgical procedures. They are mostly made of stainless steel. Different kinds of surgical instruments are used for different purposes. They are designed for general or specific procedures during surgery. Surgical instruments can be categorized into different classes such as graspers, clamps, retractors, dilators, sealing devices, injectionRead More

Kuwait Handicrafts

Although Pakistan came into being 70 years ago, it is a deep-rooted country with rich culture.  Multiple races, ethnic and linguistic groups proudly call Pakistan their home.  Almost every city of Pakistan has its own handicrafts relating to its culture that makes the city famous worldwide. These crafts are passed on from one generation toRead More